Development History

In 1998, the Film and Television Photoelectricity Research Institute was set up to carry out research, trial-production and trial sale of products in term of film, television, electrified education, battery and power supply. During which, China’s first professional three-primary-color soft light with cold light source and its supporting hanging devices and control system were developed.



In 2000, a photoelectric technology company was developed from the research institute. The company not only carried out research and trade in term of technology, but also communicated and exchanges with film and television forefront workers and developed a full set and full series of three-primary-color soft light with cold light source, li-ion batteries, chargers, special adaptors for cameras, etc.



In 2002, the photoelectric technology company developed into a sound and light industrial and trading company. In term of lighting, comprehensive supporting lighting products and complete specifications of lighting products were developed, realizing remote control and electrical and mechanized. The company made acoustic research and development in addition to lighting, gradually launched acoustic design and construction for studios and recording rooms, and obtained professional acoustic construction certificate issued by the national construction department.



In 2005, T&Y developed a full range of lighting handing devices and realized integration of remote and manual control, full serialization of electrical and manual machinery, and standardized production of modularized acoustic products. The company accepted the training and assessment given by a professional technology institution under the Ministry of Culture, obtained a national second-level construction certificate in professional lighting engineering, and upgraded into an engineering company integrating professional production and construction of acoustic, lighting and electrical products. The company’s brand became a premium brand in China.



In 2009, developed LED panel soft lights special for domestic film and television; including studio lamps, interview lamps and AC/DC dual-purpose portable lamps, which were successfully launched to market and well received by customers.



In 2010, the company constantly launched a series of different models and varieties of LED products and began to export all the products to film and television markets in Europe, America, Asia, etc.



In 2013, after four-year research and production, T&Y developed LED panel soft light series, LED interview lamp series, high-power high-light high-speed camera used LED lamp series, studio LED spotlight high-power integration module lamp series and portable LED light portfolio series, providing a full range of supporting LED light solutions.

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