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The First Price Cut of The Industry's Unique Chromakey Green Screen Background


Thank you for your attention and trust in our products on Alibaba. We are Zhengzhou Taiying Video Equipment Co., Ltd. Inform you and other munber custorms about the redution of our Chromakey background.


Several years ago, we developed our module chromakey background to solve the customers’ problem of traditional chromakey background decoration time and complicated process. No-paint modular chromakey become the initiated in the industry.


Nevertheless, As the only one manufacture factory to produce this kind of green screen, we did not stop exploring and innovating.


Last month, we have carried out a major upgrade of the product process. Product quality has been improved, and at the same time, product costs have been reduced!


We are very happy to share this good news with customers who follow our product. So we decided to leave the benefits to customers.



This will be the first price cut of the industry's unique product.




✔ Quality up ⬆
✔ Price down ⬇
✔ Best cost performance ∞







More details:

1. Introduction to T&Y module chromakey

2. See the video of the good performance

3. See the different batween T&Y module chromakey and troditional ones





chroma key background 6.jpg



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