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What is the best mobile teleprompter app for YouTubers?

For Vlogger, smartphone and tablet teleprompter can meet daily use.

I think the following app is useful,but I’m not sure if it is the best…

Pictures come from the Internet……


Hintapp is a simple teleprompter for speech and video shooting.

The text content is displayed in the form of cards, and each content can create multiple cards. Use gestures to tap the next picture, swipe left to go back to the previous one, and pinch to exit the proposition mode.


dv teleprompter is suitable for shooting videos.

Documents can be scrolled. Users can set their own speed, loop playback, font size, margin width, so that you can always read the lines well. You can choose mirrored or not. If you use a teleprompter like TY-KY03 iPad teleprompter with remote control, you need to use the mirrored function. This App can FREE download from the Apple app store and Google Play.


Parrot Teleprompter is similar to the dv teleprompter. It's popular and free.

Our Taiying TY-KY03 ipad teleprompter with dv teleprompter, and the remote control matches well.

While scrolling text

Pause /play text

Speed up / slow down text scroll

Reduce / increase font size

Skip next / previous break marker

load previous / next script


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