LED Panel Light

  • TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W
  • TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W
  • TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W
  • TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W
  • TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W
TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W

TY-LED600 Studio Panel Light 40W

  • Rated Power: 40W
  • Color Temperature: Single Color (3200K/5600k) Bi-Color (3200K-5600K)
  • CRI: ≥95
  •   INQUIRY  

1.Scientific structure: professional light adopts double hollow sandwich structure, which ensures good air convection and plenty lamp dissipation, meanwhile, without light leak and stray light.

2.High CRI: CRI can reach 93-95,realizing the high reducibility of the exposure object color.

3.Stable color temperature:

       1)high consistency of light color temperature. All our lamp beads choose 5500k-5700k and 3100k-3300k;  

       2)small temperature drift, only 0.5% drift shown by 10000 hours test while common lamp beads can reach 3%.

4. Multifunctional dimming:

        1)manual knob dimming;

        2)connected with DMX512 dimmer;

        3)wireless remote dimming

5.Without fan, without noise

6.Minimum size under the condition of the same power and the same quantity of lamp beads

7.T&Y LED lights adopt area source lighting formed by small LEDs, and also equipped high transparency soft light panel. Soft and uniform light output, without infrared and ultraviolet rays.       

 LED features:

Accurate and stable color temperature


Adjustable beam controlled manually or with DMX or with wireless remote control

Long life LEDs>10,000hours, universally flicker free

Beam focus: 35 degree, 45 degree,60 degree

Energy efficient and compact slim design

Digital smooth dimming from 0% to 100%, no color shift

Eco- friendly and CE certificated


LED digital battery operated camera video light adopts high color rendering index small power LED as the lighting source, with the advantages with sound lighting effect, good color rendering performance and 50000 hours of life. It is mainly applied to motion videography, motion picture, and still photography. Ideal for both studio and location work .


Why choose the LEDs as the studio lighting?

More and more TV-watching people and media personalities prefer to choose LED lights as the studio lighting source.  For a long time, TV studio relies on the inefficient tungsten halogen or fluorescent lighting fixtures, which is high energy input but low light output, and finally it will be replaced by the new generation LED panels with sound lighting effect.



power supply90-265VAC50/60Hz; DC12-24vColor temprature3200k/5600k
LED typeSMDWorking temprature-10°—40°
Service life >50000 hoursDimmer range0—100%
Data display; AC/DC alternation switch


                    Item Model                TY-LED600  (single color 5600k)                TY-LED600  (single color 3200k)                TY-LED600             (bi-color 5600k&3200k)
                Power                40W                40W                40W
                LEDs type                600pcs 5mm round 
LEDs in 5600k
                600pcs 5mm round LEDs in 3200k                5mm round LEDs; 
300pcs in 5600k, 300pcs in 3200k
                Beam angle                35 degree for spot version; 60 degree for flood version
                CRI                ≥90
                Illumination                4400Lx   1m                2200Lx   1m                3200K                980Lx
                5600K                1300Lx
                3200K&5600K                3200Lx
                Power supply                AC110V /AC220V; or DC12-18V 50Hz battery power supply
                Applicable battery                Optional battery in AB(Anton Bauer) or Sony V mount interface
                Stand adaptor                Angle adjustable small stand adaptor
                Dimming                PWM dimming; 4 digital signal displays; A: manual push rod digital dimming on the back of light body; 
B: Connected with DMX512 standard dimming console.
                Size                250*270*40mm
                Includes                Light fixture, removable barndoors, power adaptor, angle adjustable stand adaptor, filter panel
( color conversion panel, soft light panel, diffusion panel), and professional carry bag.

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