Equipment Maintenance

Camera Battery:

● Camera batteries are lithium-ion ones, with a high capacity and low internal resistance, so attention should be paid to preventing the positive and negative short circuit. The battery itself already has an unexpected short circuit protection function, but attention should still be paid.

● Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, so the battery can be charged anytime.  Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, so the battery can be charged anytime.
● The battery must be recharged immediately when fully discharged. A full-discharged battery cannot be placed there for a long time, or, permanent damages may be caused to the battery; if the battery will not be used temporarily, charge the battery half or full.

● Don’t’ use the battery in high temperatures; the battery cannot work properly if the temperature exceeds 60℃.

● Do charge-discharge cycles to the battery regularly. For activated batteries, they should be fully charged and discharged once every three months.

● Charge the battery with specified charger. If an inappropriate charger is used, the battery may be overcharged, affecting battery life.



Lamp Maintenance:

● Keep the lamp surface clean and wipe the lamp with a dry cloth. Dust will impede lamp’s heat dissipation and thus reduce the lamp’s service life.

● Check the connection of various cables regularly and see whether the connection and insertion parts are loose, which may cause sparks stroke on the lamp or unstable signals, so the lamp cannot work stably.

● Check the joint parts of the machinery regularly and prevent accidental loss, so as to avoid personnel injuries and financial loss.

● When the lamp is not used, turn off the power to extend the lamp life.

● All the lamp beads of the lamps are handpicked, it is difficult to replace lamp beads with the same parameters, therefore, please avoid lamp collision, especially collision to the lamp beads.

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